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Albert Braunstein <sbr@...>

Cindy Gallard wrote:
I just received the translation of what I am almost sure is Ben Gurion's
birth record. The document I received >from the Polish Archives is in
Russian and gives the birth date as Feb. 18, 1887. This is curious as,
in Shabtai Teveth's biography, "Ben Gurion", the birth date is given as
Oct. 16, 1886. The most interesting thing however, is that the Polish
records state that he was born a twin. Has anyone heard of his being a
David Ben Gurion's "Memoirs" (published 1970) states that he was born David
Gryn in Plonsk on 16 Oct 1886. He was the fourth child of Avigdor Gryn.
There is no mention of a twin

Albert Braunstein

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