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Sally Bruckheimer <sallybru@...>

I would say that your document 2) is probably not your grandfather.
David surname Abraham married Ryfka Marya Flaks. Your grandfather, you
say, was David Rubinstein. I would say that Lajb Zalman Flaks was
probably related to Zelman Matthew Flaks-they were both named after
Zalmen but Lajb's Father was probably Zalman, whereas Zelman's was
probably Matthew. Probably, probably, probably-anything is possible.

However, have you checked at home? If David came to the US and died
here, his tombstone, if it is in Hebrew, or other Jewish sources would
identify his father's name. He could be David ben Abraham sometimes
known as Rubinstein sometimes known by his patronymic David Abraham.

You also have a date problem You say David was born 1885-60. I hope
you mean 1855-60 otherwise his wife was 35 years older than he was.

The birth certificates don't give the dates or in-law names for
David-how sure are you of them.

Were there any other brothers and sisters of David's who came to the
US-you could get the information >from their death certificates as a

So I think you are close but keep looking. You have the family but
probably not the right person. Remember also that all marriages like
all births and all deaths were not recorded. I have birth records for 6
kids of my great great great uncle with 3 different wife's names but no
death records and only the third marriage was recorded.

Good luck.

Sally Bruckheimer
Buffalo, NY

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