Seeking GRABOWSKY, HOROWITZ descendants #germany

Martin Fischer

I am seeking descendants and additional information on Rabbi Dr. Victor
GRABOWSKI of Konitz, West Prussia (today Kunitz, Thuringia, Germany) and
his wife, Bertha GRABOWSKI (nee HAUROWITZ), >from Breslau, Germany
(today Wroclaw, Poland).

Bertha GRABOWSKI's mother's maiden surname was KOBER, and her given name was
most likely Basche, but it could have been Lea or Rivke.

This query follows my recent discovery of a short item in a St. Louis,
Missouri, USA, Jewish newspaper >from 1889 that said:

"Mr. Louis Kober has received notice of engagement >from Breslau, Germany, of
f Miss Bertha Haurwitz to Rabbi Dr. Victor Grabowski of Konitz, West Prussia.
The young lady is a daughter of Mr. Louis Kober's sister. We congratulate
our friend Kober."

Prior to moving to Breslau, the KOBER family lived in Kempen, Posen,
Prussia (today Kepno, Poland).

Martin Fischer Oak Park, Illinois, USA
The Fischer and Levin family history Web site is at: <>

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