JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen : Hebrew abbreviations Peh-vav-Heh and Kaf-mem-resh #general

Udi Cain

Does anyone know the meaning of the abbreviation Peh-vav-Heh,after aname.
The Peh, I am sure stands for Parnas (communal president), the vav means
"and" but I'm not sure about the heh. I know a similar title is
Peh-vav-Mem and stands for Parnas uManhig, president and leader. The
abbreviations are found on Germantombstones and documents of the18th-19th
Another common abbreviation of that time is Kaf-mem-resh,before a name.I
am not sure whether it stands for Kavod Moreynu Reb("our honored teacher,
Reb") or Kavod Mar ("hnored sir" where the Aramaic "Mar," by coincidence,
means Mr.)

Thank you

Michael Bernet, New York
Dear Michael.

Since you are right with regard to Parnas U'Manhig, and I take it that you
found the P V H in few places, than it can't be a mistaken M.
My suggestion is He and Het looks very much alike, so maybe: Parnas Ve
Hosse (Community leader and protector).

Best regards, Udi Cain. Jerusalem.

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