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Actually the link to famous people is
And yes, there is a huge number of names there. You may found one of
your ancestors... if he/she was famous :-)

PS: Allow me a digression which is pertinent to the above.

JGenners offer a wealth of information in form of web links. The
problem is that many times the information is worthless or the
particular page is hard to find because the informer gave an
incomplete URL reference.

E.g.#1: The link above is the page you want to see. Mentioning will only confuse the interested researcher.
Which link should he/she click on to find the page related to famous

E.g.#2: ViewMate is one of the most useful services JewishGen has
created for us. I'm sure many of you have already profited >from
publishing something on it and requesting members to identify or
translate a document. But wouldn't it be nice (and time saving) if
the interested person would publish the *full URL* of the page where
that document is stored (such as instead of
simply asking us to visit VM100 at ViewMate?

So here goes a request to all: please inform the full URL address of
the PAGE you are pointing to, not a generic URL of a site or a vague
description where to look for. Not only this is a time saver as well
as (with most email programs) one can click on the mentioned
hyperlink and go directly to the page in question.

Thanks and Shalom to all

Tom Venetianer <mailto:tom.vene@...>
Sao Paulo - Brazil

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