JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Interesting book #general

Judith Romney Wegner

Michael Bodkier wrote:

I recently read a book, "the secrets of Exod", which seems to me very
pertinent and interesting,although this could represent our very old roots,
but gives another perspective of what we collectively imagine.
Of course, I have no commercial interest in it!
I am not familiar with the above book, but would recommend that anyone
interested enough to read it might also wish to know about Richard Elliott
Friedman's acclaimed 1987 paperback "Who Wrote the Bible?" This presents
for the layperson (i.e. non-specialist in Bible studies) an encapsulation
of modern scholarship on the Bible. It is a page-turner, reads like a
detective story as it unravels the history of the biblical text, and helps
to balance one's perspective, especially if (like the undersigned) one grew
up exposed only to traditional expositions.

I have absolutely no commercial interest in this (wish I did -- it's a
best-seller in Bible studies!)

Judith Romney Wegner

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