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Jutte and Kunegunda are German names. There have been several
reasonably famous medieval German and (I think Hungarian) queens,
empresses, and other high-born ladies named Kunegunde (or Kunegonda,
etc.) Jutte (or Jutta) is still found in modern German speaking areas.
I don't know about Kunegunda.
Many German speakers, just like us, continue to use very old names.
Side note: Many names of Frankish/Germanic origin once commonly
found in France were already considered to be very old fashioned, comic,
or even ridiculous 250 years ago by the French. That's why Voltaire used
the name "Cunegonde" for his Candide's beloved--another way to mock the

Barbara Krauss - Portage MI, USA

Hello everyone,
I have 2 Great-grandmothers >from Czechoslovakia. Their first names are
Jutte and Kunegunda.
Can anyone tell me what these names mean?
Thank You,
Rinnah Burns

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