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Stu Horwitz <Stu_and_Bobbie@...>

Several months ago, I reported finding part of my family tree on the back
of a software box, Ilanot, which is sold by Beth Hatefusoth. The mystery
of how it got there has been solved! The tree was apparently submitted to
the data base by Menahem Fogel, a systems person at Beth Hatefusoth, who
worked on Ilanot and the design of the package. He got the Family tree
info >from a cousin who had gotten it indirectly >from Ann Rabinowitz, our
local Kupiskis archivist. A coincidence still remains because he got a
hand written copy, so it's not complete. The only names >from my branch of
the family (which I would have recognized) are the ones which appeared on
the Box.

So as a result of all this, I have made contact with a new cousin and
have many more names to add to my family tree. Thanx to all of you who
responded to my inquiries.

Stu Horwitz

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