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Rechtman <rechtman@...>

I am sure this question has been asked in the past so
forgive me for asking again. I just received the Social
Security Application for a family member and it is a small,
simple application with no great information on it.
Dear Deb and All,

It is correct that the SS-5 form does not include much. However,
it does give you some indication as to:
A. Address - which can help you find the person on a census record,
if this is applicable.

B. Possible time of arrival, at least in years' ranges so you can
look up port-entry ledgers (they are VERY helpful if you can locate
your ancestor in one of them.)

C. Age, names of parents etc, which can help you with other research paths.

For a detailed FAQ on Social Security and Genealogy, refer to (no commercials on _that_ web site! :-))

Good luck!
-Yigal Rechtman

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