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Myra S. Davis <myrabokpg@...>

Hello all,
I have a question. (so what else is new?) I finally received my uncle's
passenger list >from NARA and it is a terrible copy. They had even stamped
it with "Best Copy Available" If they had not marked the name in red pen
I would not have been able to see it. This is for the S.S. Oceanic
sailing >from Liverpool to New York arrived Oct. 3, 1906. My question is
can someone tell me the headings on these pages starting with the name of
the passenger and going right so maybe I can figure out what it says.I
can make out a few such as married or single, occupation But where it
says how much money I can't read it or who they were going to see. How is
it possible to get a cleaner copy of this?
Thanks for any help.
Myra Davis, Tucson, AZ

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