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Vivian Kahn

I suspect that the place you're seeking is Kralovsky Chlmec, Slovak
Republic, formerly Kiralyhelmecz, Hungary. In 1948 this area was part
of Czechoslovia, but it was never in the Czech Republic.

I'm puzzled by the address you mention because Ung Megye is Ung
county. Kiralyhelmecz was in Zemplen megye (county) but very close
to Ung. I don't think that "Vajon Czechoslovakia" is a place. This
phrase translates as "I wonder if this is Czechoslovakia" There was
a place called Bezo in Ung County, Hung. which is now Bezovce, Slov.
but was in Czechoslovakia in 1948. Bezo is west of Uzhorod (Ungvar)
and about 7 km south of Kristy (formerly Kereszt) where my father and
his two brothers were born.

Click on , enter Bezovce, Slovak Republic,
and you'll get a map that shows both Bezovce and Kralovsky Chlmec.

BTW, the FHL has filmed the 1969 census >from this town. You'll find
it on FHL Europe Film # 0722717.

Vivian Kahn, Oakland, CA

Hello Genners,
I'm attempting to locate my Grandmother's birthplace of Keri Helmetz
(pronounced phonetically for two generations) which was known to be in a
province (I think) called "Bes" or in writing, "Besa". I've also heard it
called "Beche" or "Peche" which sounds like it's phonetic.

We believe it to be in the Czech Republic, though my Grandmother (of
Blessed Memory) was a native Hungarian speaker and always considered
herself to be a Jewish-Hungarian.

In 1948, however, she sent an inquiry to the Red Cross International
Tracing Service to see if her brother and his family survived the
Holocoast, which listed the town last known as: "Ung. Megye, Bes Posta
Vajon, Czechoslovakia." Alas, she never received a response.

Any and all assitance in helping to locate this place would be most

Michael Goodman
Avon Lake, Ohio

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