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The Winter issue of AVOTAYNU is in the mail. The over-sized 92-
page issue is our annual human interest issue which includes a
number of articles about personal experiences of genealogical
research. My favorite human interest article is by Carol Baird, the
daughter of Holocaust survivors, who returned to the German town
where her grandmother was born at the invitation of the citizens of
the town. The story includes a picture of her renewing her wedding
vows in the synagogue where her grandparents were married. Another
Holocaust-related article describes how a British Jewish
genealogist was able to determine that not all of his Belgian
relatives were murdered in the Holocaust; one 8-year-old cousin was
hidden and survived. How he was able to rapidly find his cousin,
now living in Canada, is a tribute to the networking that exists
today within the Jewish genealogical community.

When AVOTAYNU editor Sallyann Amdur Sack attended a conference in
Israel last year, she was invited by the director of the
International Tracing Service in Arolsen, Germany, to visit its
facilities. ITS is the principal repository of Holocaust records
about individuals--both victims and survivors. When she was invited
to speak last October in Hamburg, Germany, at a conference that
recognized the city's major role as a European port of emigration,
she took the opportunity to visit the ITS facilities. She reports
in the latest issue of AVOTAYNU about both the Hamburg symposium
and the ITS visit.

Under the banner "Salt Lake City Success Syndrome" a number of
people who attended the annual conference last year held in Salt
Lake City describe how records at the Family History Library led to
breakthroughs in their research. There are also articles--as well
as a registration form--about the forthcoming 2001 conference to be
held in London.

Gary Mokotoff

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