JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Lithuanian State Historical Archives1 #general

Norman H. Carp-Gordon <zerakodesh@...>

As of Jan. 10th the archives were doing searches requested last July; so
that's a 6-months turn-around. It took them three months to send me
copies of actual records this time. Previously it had taken them 1-2
months. The archives can take a personal check drawn on any U.S. bank
because the Lithuanian government maintains one or more accounts
with "The Lithuanian Savings Bank" somewhere in the U. S. A. So >from time
to time stacks of such checks are mailed >from Vilnius to that American

Arnold Davidson <arnoldbd@...> writes:

I have always sent a personal check, which they appear to have cashed
with no problem. As to turnaround time, I think it took about 9 months
for them to respond to my first request, which was about 4-5 years ago.
More recently, turnaround has been about 2 months or less but I don't
know if this is because of a difference in initial response versus
follow-up communications.

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