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Bruce Reisch <bir1@...>

My dear friend Isak Shteyn, a Bukowina native, was kind enough to
translate three chapters >from Hugo Gold's Geschichte der Juden in der
Bukowina / History of the Jews in the Bukowina. In addition, he
translated the table of contents for both volumes and the results are
now posted at:

>from the Table of Contents, you can link to all of the posted
chapters, now numbering a total of 10. Look for Isak's new additions
to the collection for the towns of Solka, Storozynetz (Isak's home
town), and Wiznitz. The chapter on Sereth will be posted in the near
future. Many thanks go to the Yizkor Book Team for their superb help
in posting these translations on the web.

Bruce Reisch
Geneva, New York

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