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I have an interesting book I picked up once in a remaindered bookshop
called Irving Berlin and Ragtime America by Ian Whitcomb ISBN 0 7126 1664 0
which the blurb pronounces has the theme of the "creation of American
popular music in the early years of this century .." I enjoyed reading it
and it gives something of the background of Irving BERLIN, as well as a
number of other composers.

Born Israel BALINE in Temun, Siberia, an illegal settlement outside The
Pale. Child of Leah and Moses, a cantor, and had seven siblings. Arrived in
New York 1892.

I have no commercial interest in this book and it may be out of print.

Alice Josephs
United Kingdom
My website is at I have
been told it was not working for a while, but it is definitely up and
running now!

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