Why few women had tradditionally "Jewish" first names #germany


In a message dated 11/18/2007 Gerhard Buck at buckidstein@aol.com writes:

" Wilhelmine is the female form of Wilhelm. Women liked this name more than
men, who only exceptionally used it (to my experience)."

==That wasn't the sole reason. Men needed a "shem kadosh" for use in
anything related to Jewish ritual. They had a wide range of Biblical names,
plus a number of personality attributes, and names of Rabbis.

==There are very few women's names in the Bible. Women had the first names
Chava/Eva, Sarah, Rivka, Rachel, Leah, Devorah Naomi, Ruth, Batsheva and
Esther. Most took names derived >from non-Hebrew languages, German, French,
Italian and Spanish. They had names like Roesel, Braunle, Glickel, Babette,
Karoline, Wilhemina, Charlotte . . .

Michael Bernet, New York mbernet@aol.com

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