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Good afternoon

Can anyone please assist me with the following cry for help.

{ My Grandmother was Victoria Marie Ghandour and she was born on March 7,
1900 in Jaffa, Palestine. I understand she had a brother called Hanna.
She was disowned by her family when she married Peter Brandie about
1918. Their first child was Katherine Brandie on May 28, 1920 in Jaffa,
She was my mother. Ella on Jan 9, 1923 in Tiberias was next, then Alfred
on Feb 23, 1923 in Beirut, Margaret April 22, 1927 in Tehran, Maria in
Jaffa on March 12, 1929 and she died the same year. The rest of the
family were born in Scotland starting in 1931 so I guess they must have
arrived in Scotland around that time. Peter worked for the Persian Oil
Company when he lived there. I hope some of this might help as I have
tried without success for years now. I would be very happy to get in
touch with any living member but if they choose not to I would
appreciate any details they can give me. }

Hope no -one on the group minds me posting the above but my colleague is
very anxious to trace his 'Roots'.

Many thanks in advance.


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