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Searching for ROSENBERG family and friends that escaped together from
Ukraine to Romania in September 1920. Photo of these 18 people has been
posted at: They had lived
in 3 small towns called Lipovetz, Shivitovka, and Tsybulev located in
Ukraine southwest of Vinnitsa. After escaping, the group stayed in Europe
for a few months then came to USA via Antwerp, Belgium. Harry, Kayla,
Samuel and David ROSENBERG and Fannie and Oscar KAPLAN sailed on
S.S.Zeeland to New York. They are my relatives. Searching for others in
group. Names may include: FISHEL, FISHMAN, Saul and Annie SHAPIRO.
Settled in New York and Pittsburgh in USA.

Does this info sound familiar or does the photo look like one that you
have seen.

Please respond privately to me at:

Dianne Weinman
Palm Desert, California
Searching for ROSENBERG and WHITMAN >from Lipovetz, WOUK, CHAPKIS and
TEPLITSKY >from Kachovka, WEINMAN and KUNKIS >from Glubokoye, SHUSHANSKY and
PETSVOFF >from Novozybkov

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