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Steven Garber <shgarber@...>

I called the Liquidations Bureau at the phone number provided and asked
if I could obtain info about the records of "burial societies". The woman
sounded a bit annoyed and said they didn't have any genealogical records
like that. She said all those records are donated to the YIVO Institute.
I took her word for it and I hope this saves others time and money. Or
did I get the wrong person (I don't think so)...

Steve Garber,
Denver, CO

Original message (Also >from the "Mile High City"!
From: "Neiel and Joan Baronberg" <>
Here is a contact that may help people looking for records of closed
burial and landsmanschafften societies. Bruce Reisch and Carol Skydell
suggested this source 3 years ago--you can tell how far behind I am in
my research! I just called the office today, and they were very helpful
and patient, although they didn't find what I needed.
State of New York Insurance Department
Liquidation Bureau

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