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Avrum Lapin <avrum113@...>

There is a significant number of published biographical notes/papers/and
books on the HARTs of Three Rivers. (Aaron Hart was the first Jew elected
to a legislative body in Canada. He had problems in being allowed to take
his seat) I remember seeing a paper on the HARTs written by my cousin
Kevin Cadloff in a journal whose name I forgot that was in my Dad's house
in Montreal.

I would suggest that you contact the archives librarian of the Canadian
Jewsih Congress in Montreal There may be other collections of Canadian
Jewish history but I don't know where all of them are located.

from my notes
Canadian Jewish Congress < >
Canadian Jewish Congress library < >
archivist was very helpful

JGS-Montreal home page < >
has good bibliography of publications about Canadian Jews, Jewish
communities etc.

The Jewish Public Library located on Cote St Catherine Rd in Montreal (I
don't have the street number or phone number) and the Toronto Public
library both have collections which contain material on the Hart's.

Avrum Lapin,
Upland, CA

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