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Hello, I am trying to trace our family tree. My grandfather came to America
in 1913 He left his hometown in Hungary, traveled to Germany where he left
aboard the SSMain (left the port in Bremen Germany on Aug 13.1913 arrived in
port in Baltimore, Maryland. abt Aug 18.1913) >from there he went to Chicago,
Ill. His wife Frieda BERNATH joined him at a different time. I have a copy of
his petition for Naturalization, his ship boarding pass, his naturalization
papers they list his name as Farkas Vartenberg. upon naturalization his name
was changed to Frank WARTENBERG. He settled on the South side of Chicago,
Ill. he was a shoemaker, he had a shoerepair shop on 79th St. Essex. After my
grandmother passed away in 1953 he came to live with his oldest daughter
Dorothy and her family at 78th and Exchange.. there was a Synagogue on the
street behind that this is were he went to services. I do not know if it is
still there. If it is would the Rabbi have records of the people who attended
there? or if it is not there what would have happened to the records? I am
trying to find out what my grandfathers parents names were. Frank was born in
Hungary, the papers are hard to read but it looks something like Bergo
Besateroge,Hungary on Jan 1.1887 His mother was killed when he was young and
his father remarried.. He did not get along with his stepmother so he left
home when he was 12 abt 1891 He had a sister named Eva/Ava Wartenberg who
married a Joe/Joesph DEUTCH/DEUTSCH they came to America and settled in
Chicago also. They had a cleaning shop if anyone has any information that
may help me trace my Great-grandparents I would be most grateful.
Thank you

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Bonnie Hicks

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