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Mike Fischer <miketran@...>

Someone who I have been in contact with, with the same last surname as
mine (ROSE), told me that his great grandfather moved to Israel and built
some houses in Mea Sharim. They are called the Simon Jacob Houses or
Shimon Yaakov. We are hopefully going to Israel next month, and even
after today's bombing, I would still like to find these houses, just for the
heck of it. I have no idea if this man is related to me. I sent him all the
that I had on the Rose family and I am sure that one of the people who gave
me information is related to him. He never acknowledged receiving the papers
and although I did e-mail him again, I have not heard >from him. I don't want to
be a pest and call him at home. Either he has been away or just doesn't
want to get anymore involved on the subject.
Has anyone heard of these buildings, and if so, where are they located. I don't
imagine that Mea Sharim is that big but I don't want to waste time looking
for a needle in a haystack

Wilma Fischer
Passaic, N.J.

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