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<< > David Fielker wrote:
> I am transliterating the necrology >from the yizkor book for
> Ukraine. Occasionally I find the word spelled
beth-ayin-lamed-heh, which
> according to my dictionary is baalah, meaning 'mistress,
> Trouble is one of them is called Moshe!

BAALA means "proprietess" but also stands for "Baal Shelah", i.e.
"Her Husband"
==I'm not sure I've ever come across Ba`alah as such meaning "proprietress"
in that form though, theoretically it exists. I

It does have that meaning in the construct form, Ba`alat "X," e.g. Ba`alat
habayit (balabuste in Yiddish) "Mistress of the Home." ba`alat chanut" (shop
keeper). The words ba`al (this word does not change for males in the
construct form) and ba`alat can also mean "having the quality of" e.g.
ba`alat chen is "a charming woman."

Ba`al means husband, /master /owner, Ba`alah can mean his (or her)
master/owner--but I doubt you'd see it.

Perhaps a better guess:

The Moshe was actually a feminine name, e.g. Musha, or the ba`alah was
actually Bella

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