JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: USA Passports (Chicago/New York/Toronto) #general

S. & J. Neuwirth <solaris@...>

Daniel hello,
It is a number of years now that I crossed the border, but I don't think
that even now one would need any documentation or passport to visit across
the border. To emigrate/immigrate >from Canada to US, I would think one
needed to have some kind of permit (i.e. paper trail) - if not full
I hope it helps somewhat
Josef Neuwirth
Calgary AB Canada

It's been a few years since I have thought to learn about my family by
checking out passport applications. I have three questions:

1. Would a naturalized American citizen need a passport in 1915
to go >from Chicago to Toronto (or New York to Toronto)?

2. Would a native-born American need a passport for the same journey?

3. I recall that it is very difficult to find passport applications,
but that they are very informative. Has anyone had success
finding a passport application??


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