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My father was a "Chasid" of the Kapitshnitzer Rebbe.As a child in the early
1950's my father took me to visit him.He lived in the Lower East Side of
Manhattan{I believe on Henry St.}and had a small Shul there. His name I
believe was Avraham Joshua Heschel.He was a cousin of the famous philosopher
and theologan Abraham Joshua Heschel.My father knew the Rebbe >from Vienna
during the 1920's and 1930's.The Rebbe moved to Vienna >from Galicia, Poland.
I attended school[Yeshiva]in Brooklyn during the 1950's with the Rebbe's son
.We called him "Zeesha" Heschel. He also had at least one older brother.
They both still live in Brooklyn[Boro Park section} New York,I believe. I
have not been in touch with them for years.
The Rebbe was a truly great, pious and revered and beloved Chassidic
leader.He has been written about and his legacy is still prominent in
Chassidic society.
I trust the above has been helpful.


Dr. Abraham Bertisch
Raanana, Israel

I'm wondering whether anyone's ever heard of the "Kapizhnitze" Rebbe
(I'm sure I've massacred the spelling).

In 1905, the Sadagorer Rebbe gave an amulet to my greatgrandmother, Etie
Ruchel REISCH, which resulted in my grandfather's birth, and the
Kapizhnitze Rebbe was the one who named my grandfather, Pinchas REIFER.
I would love to know what area he livd in, what he was known for, etc.

Thanks for any help you can give,

Jane Ehrlich Reifer
Fullerton, California, USA

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