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Jennifer Block Martin <jbmartin@...>

I was in contact with the Workman's Circle recently for reasons other
than genealogy. Here's the contact info I have:

Catherine Carney
The Jewish Book Center of The Workmen's Circle
45 East 33rd Street
New York, NY 10016
212-889-6800 x 285
fax 212-889-8519

Good luck,

Jennifer Block

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I wonder if Workman's Circle keeps any records. My grandmother died in
1965. Up until her death she took classes sponsored by Workman's Circle.
I believe it was in Brighton Beach, but may have been in lower
Manhattan. She worked in the garment industry at first and then owned a
dress shop. I know she belonged to a sewers union as well. Any
Thank You,
Naomi Strichartz

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