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What does the year 0000 stand for in a Social Security Search Record?

I used to locate the Social Security number and date of birth
of an uncle. I know he died in May 1960. According to the SSDI Search
Results only one man with my uncle's name died in May 1960. His date of
birth was listed as Dec 0000. One son says his father was born in
August1905, another son says he was born in August 1907. What does the date
Dec 0000 stand for and how can I prove what year he was actually born using
the Social Security records? According to his wife, who is still alive, he
was born in Montreal, Canada. I do not know when he became a citizen of the
United States.

Jacqueline Fineblit
Delray Beach, FL
searching for: BALIN, BRESNICK, Ukraine & Boston, MA, CROSS, England, South
Africa, Boston, MA; RINGEL, Poland/Russia, New York; FINEBLIT, FINMAN
Shumskoye, Ukraine, Manchester, NH

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