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Stephen A. Cohen

Margaret Moreland wrote to the digest Feb 16th saying that she did not
know where to start.

Many new member try to jump right in before they learn the basics. Every
new member and even us older ones should periodically read FAQ (frequently
asked questions on the Jewishgen home page). Sources are constantly
changing and are updated continuously.

Margaret seems to have done the first steps already. That is to interview
ever living member on that side of her family for any details they have.
You should take a tape recorder to avoid missing anything. With very old
family members several visits may be necessary, as their memories may be
better on different days.

A recommended next step is to visit the cemetery where the first
generation buried in the US are. Many of the immigrant families came to
the US through the efforts of Landsfaft Societies are their graves may be
part of the society's plot. The gates or entrance posts may identify the
town >from which they came.

FAQ will give every member new insights on where to search. Remember that
genealogy is a very detailed hobby and your research will take years of
very enjoyable and rewarding work.

Best regards,

Stephen A. Cohen
East Meadow NY
Coordinator: Vilieka Uyezd (district) of Belarus

PS: I am researching the following families:
LEFEBRE:Rhineland Palat//Belarus:BASIST - Lida Dist; SHINHAUS, SHEINHOUS,
SHEINHAUS,SHEINGAUS in Radoshkovichi, Molodechno
in the Vilieka Dist// Galicia:BIRNBAUM,GOLDBERG,LEINKRAM in Krakow;

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