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On December 13, 1877 at age 38 my Great Great Uncle, Elias OLENICK
born in Poland, was murdered by a "Mr. Harris" in a store he owned in
Austin, Texas. While Elias’ wife and children likely then moved back to
New York City, others in his family stayed in the Austin area until, at
least, 1979. Elias’ wife was Dora GREEN. Their children likely were
Louis, Moses, Al and Lillian. Lillian married Maurice SHAPPIRO. The
couple’s son, Julian SHAPPIRO, was a colleague of Edward R. Murrow’s in
Europe and New York. His professional name was Joe JULIAN. The other
son was Sam who lives in the Los Angeles area.

In Austin, Elias’ OLENICK’S sister, Susan was married to Jacob
DAVIS. Jacob had at least eight children: Sarah T, Alexander, Louis,
David E., Pauline, Perl, May, and Esther. Jacob appears to have had a
second wife: Fanny ROSENBAUM. Esther died in Austin in 1979.

Still in the Austin area, Sarah T. DAVIS married Abraham FRANK.
The children were Rosa, Aaron, Pauline, Miriam, and a girl whose name
looks like Beinard. Aaron married a Gladys SCHARFF. I don't know if
the other children married.

Esther DAVIS, sister of Sarah T. above, married Ike ROSENFIELD. The
couple once lived in Clarksville City, Texas.
Many of the people named above are buried in the Oakwood Cemetery in
Austin. A reference calls the cemetery Beth El #2.

I’d be most interested in hearing >from anyone who might have
information regarding my Texas family. I'd also be interested in
hearing about "Mr. Harris," the murderer, though I suspect I wouldn't
find his descendants on Jewishgen.

Steve Axelrath
Centennial, Colorado

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