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Laurence Harris <laurence_harris@...>

I have what appears to be a Marriage Certificate document dated
30 October 1940 issued in Poland (Zloczew). I assume, at this
date Zloczew was Nazi occupied.

Help required - What is this document? What was its purpose?

A kind Genner has translated the document (with some minor
changes by me) as follows. Consequently, a full translation is
not required (although any alternative suggestions for any
words/gaps in the translation would be appreciated)

**Marriage Certifiacte**

Registry office: Zloczew - municipal district
The [name of groom] ??????? bachelor, tailor,
living in Lodz, 24 years old
The she [name of bride] bachelor, living with her parents,
living Zloczew - district Sieradz[?] 25 years old

Father of the groom [name of groom]
mother of the groom [name of groom's mother] born [maiden surname]
Father of the bride [name of bride]
mother of the bride [name of bride's mother]born [maiden surname]

Corresponding to the certificate of marriage transmitted by
Registry office: ZLOCZEW

The form is stamped with a Nazi stamp (German eagle with Swastika
below) - quite feint.

A photocopy of the document has been found in family papers. It
is a mystery how it got there. Perhaps a family member went
searching for documentation of the family sometime after the war.

The copy document we have is white writing on a black background.
Why? - has it been taken >from a microfilm/microfiche in an
archive somewhere? Any ideas?

The couple left Poland and went first to Paris (c. 1910) and then
settled in USA (c1922) - so they were not caught up in the
Holocaust. However, it is known that some other family members
(presumably living around Zloczew/Lodz)died in the Holocaust.

I have posted this document on JewishGen Viewmate (names deleted
for privacy). It will be available until Friday 2 March. You
can view it as file VM429 at the ViewMate address

Please send any responses to me and not to the list/SIG.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Laurence Harris
Pinner, Middlesex, London
Researching Polish families: PINKUS, TRILLING, LEWKOWICZ,
Towns: Zloczew, Boleslawiec, Lodz, Ostrovah, Kalitz

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