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David Ziants <dziants@...>

From: Nachman Goldwasser
Is the meaning of the term kinui as used by genners the same as it's
Hebrew translation,nickname?
For a k'tuba (marriage document) the term "kinui" has a more formal
meaning. It is referring to an alternate name used by someone
within the Jewish community. In E. Europe, often the Hebrew name
was used as the first name, and the Yiddish name was written
down as the kinnui.
{masc: "ham'chuneh"; fem: "ham'chunah" = "a.k.a" / "known as"}

I wish to present my own recent, personal wedding experience as an
example of usage of kinnui'im on my wife's k'tuba. I will do this
as a separate posting so as not to detract >from the general

David Ziants
Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel

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