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Hadassah Lipsius <kesher@...>

Kirsten asked about the holdings of Jewish-Polish LDS films in London

In preparation for a trip to London in July for the conference I intend
to do some research in archives in London. To that end I would like to
know the holdings of the Polish-Jewish films in the LDS FH Centers in
London. When I order films in this country (Denmark) they take 6-8 months
to get here so if I could look at "my" films of interest in London it
would greatly speed my research. Where can I get that information?

I am not a member of the London Conference Committee *but I can answer
your question as JRI-Poland Transliteration Coordinator. In preparation
for the London Jewish Genealogy Conference, JRI-Poland volunteer (and
England resident) Sue Fifer, compiled a list for us. That information can
be found on our website,
along with what films are at the Los Angeles FHC, New York FHC and Dorot
in Israel.

On the homepage select, LDS (Mormon) microfilms.

Hadassah Lipsius
JRI-Poland Transliteration Coordinator
Kew Gardens Hills, NY (<---------soon to be new e-mail address)

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