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Talk about coincidence. Right after reading yesterday's postings on the
Shanghai community I came across a book in our Temple library called
*Japanese Nazis & Jews* The Jewish Refugee community of Shanghai 1938 to
1945, by David Kranzler, Yeshiva University Press, 1976. It is a
substantial book with many names and pictures.
One of the questions arose regarding where the community had come from.
There was a section in Shanghai called little Vienna, so I guess that
answers the question about whether Jews came >from there.

I have been trying to learn about Ernst ASCHNER, of Berlin, who, according
to this book, wwas part of a group of German refuggees who maintained an
underground in Shanghai during the war. [page 531].

Thanks to Peter Lande, at the USHMM I have documents showing an agreement
he was involved in with Mrs. Ella Sara PICK, nee FEIBELSOHN of Berlin to
run a currency consultancy [whatever that was]whereby she was managing
things for him when he relocated to Shanghai. Among the papers, a few of
which are covered with Nazi insignia in 1942, is the accusation of
embezzelment by which the Nazis justified taking over the business.

Linda Rakoff
Newton, MA
ASCHNER-Assakurte, Katlo, Beuthen/Bytom, Danzig, Chorzow [Konigshutte],
Berko, Hradiste, Bratislava, Budapest ,Nyitra, Kosice, Spisska Nova Ves,
Wien; BRETTSCHNEIDER, Galicia; BUCHWALD- Wien,Budapest, Malacky
Ves,Bolyar; Miskolc, Presov; GORDON-Molatai, Vilna; LOW'Y-Hradiste,Spisska
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