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Lodz Street Names Index Project: Update
A JewishGen Research Division Project

Dear Fellow Researchers,

Since the announcement of this new project on February 3, 2001, we have
received a total of $220.00 >from four generous supporters (myself
included) -- but we are still short $580! I can't stress the importance of
this project enough -- it will be one more essential tool in tracing our
ancestors >from Lodz or the Lodz ghetto. Please read on for a description
of this project and consider a donation today -- any amount is much

Before World War II, the city of Lodz had the second largest Jewish
population of any city in Europe - over 200,000 - and the Lodz ghetto was
the second largest Polish ghetto in existence. Many of us with roots in
Lodz, or with family incarcerated in the Lodz ghetto >from many surrounding
areas, are now able to trace the addresses where our ancestors once lived.
This has been made possible through the extensive business directories or
ghetto records now available, or perhaps through your own family records.
Over the past century, many of the street names in Lodz have changed at
least once, if not up to five times. We now have the opportunity to
purchase an index of all the street name changes in Lodz over the past 86

o What is the Lodz Street Name Index?

The Lodz Street Name Index was created by a noted professional researcher
living in Lodz. The index includes more than 550 Lodz streets and the
changes in their names at six points in time: 1913, 1925, 1933, 1939
(including the Lodz ghetto), 1945 and 1989 (after the fall of Communism).

For example, perhaps you found your family's business address on
"Aleksandrowska Street" in 1929. The index will tell you that street is
known today as "Limanowskiego Street." If you are tracing someone who
lived in the Lodz ghetto on "Baluter Ring," the index will tell you that
street is now known as "Rynek Balucki." See a sample of the street name
index at:

The Lodz Street Name Index will be available online at the JewishGen web
site once funding for this project is completed.

o How do I contribute?

The budget for this important project is US $800. This is a bargain,
considering the amount of information that will become available. If you
would like to see this index become available to you and other
researchers, please consider a donation today. To make a donation, access:

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Shirley Rotbein Flaum

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