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Daniel Kazez <dkazez@...>

In my effort to learn about my ALHADEF family in Cuba, I would like to
know what is printed on four tombstones for people whom I believe are
family members. I have found someone in Cuba who is willing to visit
the cemetery. I know that the cemetery is called "Cementerio Sefardi"
and that it is in a place near Havana called Guanabacoa. But now I
need to tell this person exactly where the cemetery is located!

Can anyone describe the location of the Cementerio Sefardi in
Havana/Guanabacoa?? Perhaps it is on or near some well-known street
or landmark?

Daniel Kazez <>

P.S. The tombstones I am looking for there are:

Ventura Alhadef Arrobas, 10 agosto 1952
Jacobo Altalef, 4 abril 1948, B-25-15
Rafael Alhadef Arrobas, 21 abril 1966, B-38-2
Fany Alhadef Avanda, 3 agosto 1983
Toronto and New York: ENGLANDER.
Cuba: ALHADEFF and BENHAIM. Argentina: DE VIDAS.
Paris: FRESKO. Leipzig: KAZEZ
Florida: LEBOY. New Jersey: STRAUSBERG

MODERATOR NOTE: Perhaps when you get an address for the cemetery, you can
also pass it along to the IAJGS Cemetery Project at <>.

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