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Dear fellow genners,

I have found photographs of several relatives who survived
Auschwitz and were living in Munich since the end of WWII and up
to 1948, waiting to emigrate to the U.S.

Does anybody know if Auschwitz survivors were living in Munich in
an organized community or in a transitory camp? If so, would
there be records anywhere of such a community, its members and
when and how they dispersed?

Any ideas will be welcome.

Lancy Spalter
Kfar Tavor, Israel
Most of the holocaust survivors in Gemany and Austria after WWII lived in DP
(Displaced Persons) camps. The camps were supervised by UNRRA and were run
internally by the survivors. Some lived as individuals, but the majority
lived in groups according to their political affiliation with the respective
Zionist organizations and parties.
It seems unlikely that a group of Auschwitz survivors lived together as a
group on their way to the US.
Alter Ophir

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