JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Surname "movement" from BAKSTANSKY to BAKSHT? #general

Ernest Fine <efine@...>

I'm curious as to whether there would be a reason for a man to change his
surname >from BAKSTANSKY to BAKSHT, possibly upon remarriage after his spouse

I know that we have many variants of BAKSTANSKY, and I've seen name changes
upon immigration, or for name simplification, or to be more "Americanized,"
or to return to family roots. This particular change, if it occurred, would
have been around 1865 in Belarus, for an approximately 25-40 year old male.
The significant event would have been the death of a spouse, and a marriage
to a new spouse.

Likely event? Unlikely event? Impossible event? Ideas appreciated....

Ernie Fine
Vienna, VA

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