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Hello all,

I am new to this mailing list and I am looking for leads/information on the
ancestors of the Todresowitz family >from Dvinsk who changed their name to
Rosenberg when they emigrated to Johannesburg, South Africa.
As far as I know, the father was Ben-Zion Todresowitz, he had sons: Shleima
(b.abt 1898), Leibe (b.1901) and Teddy (b.abt 1910). The last two emigrated
to South Africa and contact was lost with Shleima (Shlomo?) and his family
who stayed behind but apparently survived the holocaust.
Shleima's family may have ended up in Israel but no-one is sure what their
surname is now.
Leibe (Louis) Rosenberg married Leah Strugatz, and they had two sons Mair
and Hone.
Teddy Rosenberg married Luba Wainberg, and they had three children Victor,
Ian and Louelle.
Thanks for any help with the Todresowitz-Rosenberg connection and
information about Shleima's descendants.

Nicole Rosenberg

Researching: MOSES/MOSS (Lodz - London); MISSULAWIN (Riga); LIKNAITZKY
(Jonishkis); KAPLAN (Plungian); EAST/MIZRAHI, SCHNITZER (Palestine); HACOHEN
KAPLAN, POLNE (Palestine)

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