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Sergei Komarov <komarov_sergei@...>

Dear Genners!

In order thank you
I have time again and interest and desire to help (unprofetional) somebody
who need
1.translate >from or to Russian or to your same-surnamers to know if they part of your tree (in
Moscow). Having some experiens in such work ( I wrote to prepare my help
ealier ), I must say that there are not many e-mail useres even in Moscow,
may be 10%. But not very seldom moscovitis knows English to understand,
and you may use phone. I can firstly speak them in Russian about you and
secondly you have to contact youself.
3. May be you need some info about Moscow actual and concretly or about
Russia at all (unconcretly).

The simple deal to phone who you need if he alive und you know address or
phone number. To get info by archive of went times is hard, they say info
to relatives in the most cases.

My own seaching: Goseph Gegerman,b.1919, my father, died in N.Y. 1989.
Lived Chicago 1973 and NY 1974 and he worked(1974-79) as reporter in
the newspaper " Der Alg. F..(I? J?)" in address:
979 42nd street Brooklin N. y.11219
404 Park N.y. 10016

I mind he wrote in German.
May be you met him.

Sergei. Moscow.
Write privetly so.

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