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Paul Silverstone

Years ago when I visited Barbados, I was shown the grave of "the last of
the Paleologus family", someone who died in the 1600s. I don't remember
the first name.
Paul Silverstone

nbonomi wrote:

There are two lines of the Paleologus family.
Paleologus is a noble family that governed the Bizantine Empire from
1261 to 1453. This dinasty ruled the empire up to the conquest of
Constantinople by the "Turks". The last member of this family died
during this siege. After this defeat the Turkey went out >from the
Christian West and entered the sphere of influence of the Islam. In
1305 the marquis of John the Fair of Monferrato (an area of Piedmont)
died without heirs. His sister was wife of east emperor Andronicus the
2nd Paleologus.

Paul Silverstone
New York

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