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My great aunt, Rose Langman Kaplan (a/k/a "Mumma Rocha"), whom I wrote
about in the current issue of Avotaynu, had a New York-born grandson named
Rube Bloom (1902-1976).

Rube Bloom was a composer and pianist of Tin Pan Alley in the 1920's and
1930's. The impressive list of songs that he composed were "Don't Worry
'Bout Me," "Truckin," "Out In the Cold Again," "Big Man >from The South,"
"Fools Rush In," "Day In - Day Out," "Take Me," "Give Me the Simple Life,"
"Maybe You'll Be There," "Stay On the Right Side, Sister," "Here's To My
Lady," "I Can't Face the Music," "Good for Nothin' Joe," "Song of the
Bayou," "Suite of Moods," "Soliloquy," "Spring Fever," "Sapphire,"
"Serenata," "Silhouette," "On the Green," "Penthouse Serenade," "Floogie
Walk," "Got No Time," "The Ghost of Smokey Joe," "Fifth Avenue Bus,"
"Jumping Jack," "Lady On a Late Evening," "Love Is a Merry-Go-Round," "What
Goes Up Must Come Down," "Savage In My Soul," "I Wish I Could Tell You,"
"Where You Are," "It Happens to The Best of Friends," "Is This Gonna Be My
Lucky Summer?," "Feelin' High and Happy," "I'm In A Happy Frame of Mind,"
and "List in A Dream."

According to the Dec. 29, 1928 New York Times, Rube Bloom won a $5,000
Award >from Victor Talking Machine Company for "Song of the Bayou", which
was second prize out of hundreds of manuscripts submitted. This is
presumably what got his career going.

I would be very much interested in obtaining a copy of sheet music (or
cover) for "Song of the Bayou." Do any of you have such a thing, or if
not, can you please direct me where in New York City I might be able to
find it? I'm sure it's here in the Big Apple somewhere, but music is
something that's totally out of my field. I will check the music division
of the research collection of the New York Public Library for the
Performing Arts at its temporary location in the New York Public Library
Annex (521 W. 43rd St.) when I get a chance. But if I can obtain a copy of
it without shlepping all the way across town, so much the better.

Thanks in advance for your help. Please respond privately.

Ada Greenblatt
New York, NY

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