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Sara Lynns

As a member of this discussion group, I want to thank
all who've been kind in responding to my emails about
my family research.

I live in Oregon and am searching family who lived in
NY, with *no one* to ask/interview about the family.
I began with a nucleus of information and am still
learning. My goal? to perhaps find relatives on my
father's side of the family. Who knows? I might
actually find siblings, cousins, etc. I've never met.

My point? I have written to or called NY agencies,
cemeteries, etc. I have researched the Lerner family
during trips to New York, at the National ARchives
center in Seattle, via JGS of Oregon, my local
library, and of course, LDS library as well.

So... kinda wonderin' why so many of you write asking
for information contained in NY city or other
directories, etc.? Not knowing where most of you live,
unless it is stated so in your email, it is good, I've
found, to explore more than one option in gleaning

Jackie Lerner-Aderman

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