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Vladimir Tetelbaum

Hi all,

I have received a huge response to my port asking
where and how I am searching through Kishinev Records.
The good news is that thanks to the Mormon Church
anyone can do the same search. The bad news is that
you need to know how to read cyrillic or yidish

Several very good messages were posted before about
availability of FHL Judaica Catalog. For people who
missed here is the link:

You can do search for Kishinev and you'll see there
quite a few vital records (all births) available for
19th century. You can read FAQs on Jewishgen about
how to do searches in FHL and how to view records.

Several people asked me to do searches for other
names. Please realize that this is a manual process
of scanning through thousdands records on microfilm.
I have to keep in my head 4 names that I am searching.
If there is a real need for this information perhaps
a project can be organized for transliteration of
these records. Otherwise it is a researcher's work.
I have a full time job and genealogy is my hobby. If
there is a great demand, perhaps I can talk to some
retired russian emigrants who can do this work for
some sum of money. Email me directly if you are

P.S. Here is a link to vital records:

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