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I have a wonderful story about the type of people associated with
Jewishgen. I was searching for my paternal grandfather's brother and his
family, which I had never met. The only info I knew was his name Rubin
Rosenblatt, he had 5 daughters and had lived in Syracuse, NY in the 20s
and 30s. I received an e-mail through Jewishgen >from a Martin Miller in
Syracuse asking a question about something.

I held that e-mail for 2 days, I then got up the nerve to answer him. I
wrote that I didn't have an answer for his question, but I asked if he ever
heard of my great uncle or his family, it was such a long shot. He wrote
back that I came to the right place and gave info that my great uncle was
in the city directory as early as 1915, and was in the 1925 census. He
gave me the names of his wife and 5 daughters and their ages in 1925. He
also said his mother was a great source of reference and would get back to
me. He tracked down my 2nd cousin through family and friends as far away
as Israel. This man is a total stranger, who did all this investigating
for me. If it wasn't for Jewishgen and all the great people I would never
have found them, because they now live in New Jersey and being daughters
the last names have changed. It turns out that my cousin and her husband
live during the winters only 15 minutes >from me in South Carolina. We had
a wonderful time visiting with my Cousin Rose and her husband Bernie,
going through old pictures and memories. We will be spending a lot of time
together over the next few weeks until they return north. Also, my children
are coming to visit next week and so are theirs, we will have a great time

It's truly a small world my Cousin Rose's daughter Amy has work with a
cousin of mine (>from my paternal grandmother's family) for 8 years.

Thank you Jewishgen for helping people like me find family.

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WILAMOWSKI, WILLIAMS(Zambrow, Lomza, Poland; New York, NY; Toms River,NJ;
Tel Aviv, Israel) RUBINSTEIN (Zambrow, Lomza, Poland; Mexico) RENERT,
RENNERT (Galicia; Vienna; New York, NY; Brooklyn, NY) ROSENBLATT
(Bucharest, Romania; New York, NY; Brooklyn, NY) FISCHLER(Iasi,Romania;
Odessa Russia; The Bronx, NY; New York, NY; Brooklyn, NY)
[Surname list edited to allowable six lines]

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