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Robyn Perlin <trekrobyn@...>

To all Lithuania researchers:

The Trakai District Research Group has just made a
distribution of 162 newly acquired records >from the
Jieznas 1858 Revision List to all of the members of the
Research Group.

This represents the 6th town within Trakai district (in addition to
Merkine, Ziezmariai, Alytus, Vievis and Daugai) whose translated 1858
Revision Lists have already been emailed to group members.

And, 6 other town's 1858 Revision Lists are translated and just need
to be proofread before they will be distributed to members in the next
few weeks -- >from the towns of:
Butrimonys, Punia, Zasliai, Varena, Stakliskes, Darsuniskis

The 1858 Revision Lists >from the towns of Namujanai & Valkininkai are
still waiting to be translated before they can be distributed to members.

The Trakai District includes the following towns in Vilnius
Guberniya in Lithuania:
Alytus, Aukstadvaris, Butrimonys, Darsuniskis, Daugai,
Druskininkai, Jieznas, Merkine, Mikalavas, Miroslavas
Nemajunai, Nemunaitis, Onuskis, Paluknys, Pivasiuniai
Punia, Ratnycia, Semeliskes, Stakliskes, Trakai,
Valkininkai, Varena, Vievis, Zasliai, Ziezmariai.

If you are a member and did not receive this most recent data (from
Jieznas), please get in touch with me. If you would like to join in
this project and receive all past and future lists, please contact
me at to find out about joining the Trakai Research

Robyn Perlin
Trakai District Research Coordinator

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