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If anyone knows that their ancestor was living in the New Orleans
Jewish Children's Home, I found all of the records in good condition
at the Tulane University Special Collections Library:

There are books for every year beginning in about 1850 to about 1940
or so. Each book has the children in the home, their age, when they
entered, and where they came from. What is especially interesting is
to find the year that they entered or left the home, and then it shows
the person that brought them there and where they came >from or who
took them out and where they went. It also shows donors to the home.
A very few photographs are also in the books.

Many of the children came >from neighboring states like Texas and
Mississippi as well as Louisiana. Also many of the children were
half-orphans whose parent was too poor to take good care of them. The
children's home was at the location of the current JCC. Newman High
School (where Peyton Manning went to high school) was set up
originally as a trade school/high school for the children in the home.

Also, this same Special Collections Library has records >from the New
Orleans Jewish Federation, Chevrah Thilm congregation, and Communel
Hebrew School, to name a few.

Kind regards,
Bernie Hirsch

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