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Diane Jacobs <kingart@...>

Dear Israel,
According to my family tree I have a Abraham Leib and
Perel Gitman Eichel whose daughter Annie Eichel Singman
married my greatuncle Bert Singman in NYC in l906.

The Eichels came >from Strzyzow, Galicia(Austria) and I refer
you to the Gesher Galicia website on Jewishgen for more
information about this town. There is also a l969 Strzyzow
Yiskow Book which lists other Eichel and Rebhun relatives
on my family tree. I am copying Phyllis Kramer who is very
knowledgeable about this area and may be of assistance to you.

Hope this will be helpful to you.

Diane Jacobs
New York

Arolsen gave me a birth place for a Pickholz refugee as Szczyrzar,
although their own reference card says Strzyzow.

With all due respect to D-M Soundex, I find nothing remotely similar to
Szczyrzar on ShtetlSeeker.

Might Szczyrzar and Strzyzow be the same place? (I might complicate
this question by pointing out that neither seems to be anywhere near
East Galicia, but I'll assume that fact is not relevant.)

Israel Pickholtz

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