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Claudia Späh <Claudia.Spaeh@...>

Hello everybody out there in the universe,

about three month ago, I discovered in my mothers old family album by
chance the name Christine Sonnenschein - the name of her grandmother, born
in 1879 in Essen/Steele/Koenigssteele/Germany as daughter of Anna Katharina
Jungerman and Heinrich Sonnenschein. I can not explain why, but this
discovery felt to me like some kind of revelation and I passionately want
to know wether my family roots are jewish or not. I, like my mother, am
baptized a Protestant, but I always sympathized very much with the jewish
people. "If I really derived >from jewish roots, then how could we survive
the Second World War?" - this is only one unanswered questions of a whole
bunch which occures to me...

Does anybody know more about the German Sonnenscheins?

Claudia Spaeh
Munich, Germany

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