JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Lookup of specific birth records in Kishinev 1863-1869 #general

Vladimir Tetelbaum


In the next month I'll be doing personal search in
Kishinev birth records for 1863,64,65,67,68,69. You
can find out more information about the records and
how they are available >from my previous posting to
this list.

If anyone has a specific lookup, I can do it for them.
But I want to limit it to very specific lookups since
I don't have a lot of time to spend on this.

In order to lookup the information for you please send
an email directly to me with all of the information as
outline below. If you have any of the information
missing, I will not be able to look it up:
1. Exact birth date: Month and Year (and day if
available) (1863,64,65,67,68,69)
2. Last name of parent or first name of child.

In addition, if the information is available, indicate
if it is a girl or a boy and parents' first names.

Please send your requests no later than 3/23.

P.S. All records are in Russian and Hebrew or
Yiddish. I'll be searching the Russian half.

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