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Micheline Gutmann <michelinegutmann@...>

GenAmi issue 15 has been sent to subscribers.
In that issue :

- The forum of GenAmi is opened.
- The Annual general meeting and the result of the elections.
Creation of a Sepharad group.
- The Meetings about Germany, on April 1st,
about genealogical programs , on April 26th

- Journey and Genealogy in Germany, 2nd part, by
Micheline GUTMANN
Berlin, Magdeburg, Halberstadt, Eisenach, Gruenstadt,
Speyer, Worms, Fribourg, Ettenheim, Kippenheim, Schmieheim.,
the differents places , the marvellous people we met.

-The Members of the Grand Sanhedrin of Napoleon :
Stephane LALLICH has studdied the history and genealogy
(ascendants and descendants) of the rabbis

-The history of the Jews of Jamaica, by Micheline GUTMANN,
The COHEN family of Jamaica and London.

-The founds of Guillaume LEVEQUE, a correspondant doing research
in military archives, send us information which concerns Jews
in the army of Napoleon.

- The HESSE family originating in Lorraine
that we can find in Alsace. By Micheline GUTMANN.

- "A New paradise is born", an optimistic point of view
of Philippe CATTELAIN about the use of Internet in Genealogy.

- The Acquisitions of GenAmi : among them, many books
from Germany (I'll give more details on GERSIG).
- The reviews of Genealogy. Among them a long abstract
of Avotaynu Automn 2000 concerning Eastern Europe.

- Questions and answers (for those who have no acces to the forum).

Micheline GUTMANN, GenAmi, Paris, France

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